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RSFB-45I, RSFB-TT20-40, RSFB-TTA-20-40 and RSFB-EXA18-40
  • Rockstar Finger Bits RSFB-45I
  • Rockstar Finger Bits RSFB-TT20-40
  • Rockstar Finger Bits RSFB-EXA18-40
  • Rockstar Finger Bits RSFB-TTA-20-40
  • Rockstar Finger Bits

Rockstar Diamond Finger Bits

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Product Description

Rockstar Finger Bits

Our finger bits incorporate the latest in diamond technology for smooth, even wear and fast cutting. 

RSFB-45I is our standard finger bit. The 5-fluted, soft bond segment design allows it to perform very well in a wide variety of materials. It maybe used on any CNC machine.

RSFBBS-45I - Our standard finger bit, 5 fluted soft bond segment design with the addition of a bottom segment. Allows you to core and go with one tool. For use on any CNC machine and any natural or engineered stone. 

RSFB-TT20-40 finger bit has a twin segment design which gives it good life and allows it to hold its shape well. It can be used on granite, marble, engineered stone, limestone, sandstone or concrete. This finger bit has a feed rate of 8 to 14 inches per minute at 5200-5800 rpm.

RSFB-EXA18-40 is a high speed finger bit that can be used on any CNC machine. It does an extremely good job in granite, marble, sandstone,  limestone, engineered stone and concrete. With an 18 millimeter diameter core in 13 degree twin segments, this bit runs faster and quieter, drawing fewer amps from the machine, and thus helping extend the life of the spindle. This finger bit holds its shape extremely well and has great life. It operates at 6500-7000 rpm and has a feed rate of 12 to 20 inches per minute.

RSFB-TTA20-40 is the same bit in a 20mm core. It operates at 5500-6200 rpm and has a slightly slower feed rate at 10 to 17 inches per minute. Both of our high-speed finger bits are machined from a solid piece of steel. 




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