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Important Things to Know about Tile Installation

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Tile is a beautiful way to update a kitchen or bathroom with a stylish and beautiful edge. It also is functional and a needed element that gives an aesthetic appeal to your home. In this blog, we’ll discuss the important information that you need to know about tile installation before undertaking a major home improvement project. If you’re searching for stone cutting tools, diamond blades, or other stone care products, shop Rockstar Diamond. Dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction and success, we’re proud to offer incredible tools for the stone and surfaces industries. Shop now!

Hire a Professional

With the popularity of design and home improvement TV shows and internet blogs, you may think that you can save some cash and complete that kitchen project on your own. While some home improvement projects are easy and can be a do-it-yourself venture, tile installation unfortunately isn’t one of them. Ripping the outdated tile out of your bathroom and replacing it during a weekend might not go as planned, especially if you’ve never tried your hand at home improvement before. Tile installation takes time, precision, and know-how, and it can be easy to mess up a project and cost yourself lots of stress and money. Even the removal of tile is a delicate process and one wrong move can damage the wall of your shower or backsplash of your kitchen, causing a major headache and intensive repair. Also, the cutting and measurement of tile is a job only for experienced professionals who understand the ins and outs of the project and have successfully completed it many times before. Research home improvement teams or companies in your area, or use your favorite internet search engine to find a reputable home contractor you can trust. It may cost more cash on the front end, but choosing to have a professional take over your project can save you overwhelming frustration and stress.

Find Designs and Patterns of Tile You Like

This is the fun part of home improvement, as you can choose a tile color, design, or pattern that you love. However, this process can take awhile, so before you find a contractor to take on your kitchen remodel, make sure you have several choices and options for the updated tile. Browse home design blogs online to get your creative juices flowing, check out a favorite DIY magazine or publication, or even watch a popular design TV show for inspiration. If you see something you like that strikes your fancy, write it down or print out a photo, if you can. Keeping a folder of your ideas will help your first meeting go smoothly and the contractor or company you’ve chosen will understand what your personal style is and the goals you have for the space. If you find that you’re still struggling to choose what you would like for your space, ask your contractor for ideas or take a stroll through a local home improvement store and look at samples. It may help you to see the actual shade and design of the tile and you can even buy a few squares or sections to take home to test out in the space.

Be Practical and Knowledgeable About the Options of Tile

With the countless options and different styles of tile available, it’s important to keep your expectations at a rational level and ask for professional advice when choosing tile. Since it usually is a focal point and an important design element, it’s also essential to compliment the style of your home and decor taste. Certain forms and designs of tile can also be extremely expensive and hard to find, so keeping your budget in mind when picking out tile will help you stay within your limits.

Recent trends include glass mosaic tile, which is created from recycled glass. This is a great eco-friendly option and glass mosaic tile comes in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. It will add a unique sparkle and design element to your home. If you’re searching for an affordable and stylish kitchen tile option, subway tile is quite popular and easy to source. Many homeowners prefer this type of tile because they offer durability, low porosity (meaning that they won’t stain or hold odors like other tiles might), and are easily cleanable. These larger, three inch by six inch tiles also don’t require as many grout lines, which makes them ideal when placed behind a stove top or kitchen sink. You won’t spend hours scrubbing grout with a toothbrush if you choose subway tile for your kitchen remodel.

Choose the Right Grout Color

A professional home contractor can offer some experienced advice, but choosing the right grout color can make or break a project. While it may seem paltry and not as important as choosing the right size, color, or design of tile, grout is still visible after the project is completed and just as important of an element as the final tile selection. Grout comes in a variety of colors, so take some time to compare the shade of tile you’ve chosen with different colors of grout. A good way to decide is to look at the other colors in your home. If you notice that you have a lot of gray, charcoal, and black, it may be a satisfactory for you to choose a soft granite shade or deep gray for the grout. If your home boasts more tan, brown, or chocolate hues, a beige or buff grout might be exactly what you need. Choosing the perfect color of grout will be the difference between loving your new kitchen or being dissatisfied with your remodeled stovetop backsplash.

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