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How to Maintain Your Marble Countertops

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If you have marble countertops, then you know how gorgeous and stunning they can be in your kitchen or bathroom. Available in many different veins and colors, you can find the perfect marble countertops to compliment your decor and house design. While these beautiful countertops are an amazing addition to your home, maintaining and caring for them properly is imperative to the lifespan of the marble. At Rockstar Diamond, we’re proud to offer only the best stone cutting, shaping, and polishing tools to cut and shape marble, stone, and tile flawlessly. Whatever your next project may be, order your stone cutting supplies from Rockstar Diamond!

Seal Your Marble!

Marble is a porous stone, meaning that any liquid or pigmented dust that is spilled on it has the potential to be absorbed by the marble. Obviously, this poses an issue if you have marble installed in your bathroom or kitchen. One accidental spill of colored hand soap, makeup, or coffee can instantly stain your marble forever. Even if you are quick to clean it up, it can be hard to effectively remove the stain, especially if the marble is white or lightly colored. To avoid staining your new countertops, have the marble professionally sealed. This will involve scrubbing your countertops to remove any dirt or dust and then applying an impregnating or penetrating sealant. The sealant will soak into the marble and create a barrier so that any potential stains will be able to be simply wiped off. The marble will absorb as much sealant as possible, and then within five minutes, you can wipe away the excess and be able to use the countertops after the sealant sets. Once your marble is sealed, you can use your countertop in your bathroom and kitchen with confidence, and if you accidentally spill a glass of wine in your kitchen or drop some green eyeshadow in your bathroom, you’ll be able to simply grab a damp paper towel and wipe it up.

Use the Right Cleaning Methods

Using gentle cleaning products on your marble countertops is vital to maintaining the vitality and movement of the stone. Avoid acidic cleansers at all costs, as the acid will eat away at the sealant and “etch” away the surface (more about etching later). You can buy cleaning products specially formulated for marble or simply use a diluted solution of soap and water. If you would like to create your own countertop spray, you can mix a tablespoon of a gentle, non-abrasive soap in a spray bottle filled with warm water. Use as needed along with a soft sponge or rag. You never want to scrub at your countertops with steel wool or the abrasive side of a dish sponge because it will scratch the marble and leave your surfaces vulnerable to stains. For any stains that may linger on your countertop, create a poultice of baking soda and water (it should be a paste consistency) and leave it on the stain overnight. The baking soda will absorb the stain so you can simply wipe the dried poultice off in the morning. As you care for your countertops, you’ll notice that stains will slowly fade over time, so don’t fret if a stain seems like it will never go away. For your bathroom, it’s also important to use the same caution when cleaning your marble countertops there. Many bathroom cleansers contain bleach and other acids that can strip your countertops of the sealant. Make sure to keep a gentle countertop spray at arm’s reach so you won’t accidentally spray something that could ruin that beautiful marble. Properly caring for your countertops will ensure that you’ll enjoy the stunning nature of marble for years to come.


Etching is caused when acid is spilled on marble and the calcium carbonate that is contained in the stone reacts with the acid, causing staining. It’s not a stain though, as the reaction actually changes the stone and dulls it. Countertop sprays and cleansers containing acid aren’t the only culprits; acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, coffee, and even milk can etch your marble and leave an unsightly dull patch. Unfortunately, once the marble is etched, the dullness will last forever. You don’t have to be depressed if you do happen to spill an acidic substance on your marble. Unless the etch is extremely pronounced, it will only be visible in certain lights and at specific angles. You’ll have to look closely and remember exactly where the stain occurred, so don’t think that your marble countertops will be immediately ruined if you spill some lemon juice or milk in your kitchen. Try to see any etching that happens as part of the beauty of the marble and the stone maturing and changing with age. It will decrease disappointment and help you to continue to enjoy your countertops.

Enjoy Your Marble!

You chose your countertops to add beauty and depth to your kitchen and to make your bathroom seem more like a relaxing spa. Marble countertops are one the trendiest aspects of home renovations right now, and with their innate beauty and instant wow-factor, it makes complete sense why they are so popular. Seal your countertops well, clean them gently, and enjoy them. While etching and stains may occur, the marble will still be a beautiful aspect of your home and will maintain their beauty over the years.

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