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Don't Let Tile Installation Stump You!

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More and more people are taking to performing home upgrades on their own, avoiding the expense of hiring a contractor while also embracing the feeling of satisfaction that only comes from completing a project with your own two hands. Upgrading the tile in your bathroom is a fantastic way to put a personal touch on your home. Whether you’re buying pre-cut tile, or are looking to cut your own, Rockstar Diamond is here to help. Installing tile may seem like a simple DIY project you can complete in one weekend, however there are several challenges when installing your new tile.

Buy Enough Materials

No matter what kind of tile you’re planning on working with, you should always be sure to buy enough material to allow for a couple mistakes. If you’re buying pre-cut tile, there’s always a chance that some will be damaged in transit, and you’ll want to have enough on hand to complete your project. However, if you’re cutting the tiles yourself with the help of diamond stone cutting tools from Rockstar Diamond, be sure you leave room for error. Cutting the wrong size, or damaging the tile in the process can throw a wrench in your project if you don’t have enough material to complete the design.

Prepare the Surface Correctly

Many DIYers start on their tiling project immediately without first preparing the surface for the new tile. Most often, this results in poor adhesion and can lead to missing or damaged tiles down the road. Prior to laying any tile, you’ll need to clean the surface and prepare it for adequate adhesion. This means gently sanding the surface and removing any old wall coatings like wallpaper or old tile adhesive. While it will take more time, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Get the Right Adhesive

If you’re installing tile in an area where it will be regularly exposed to water, you’ll want to be sure to use a waterproof adhesive. The constant buildup of moisture can cause a normal adhesive to fail, leaving you with a patchwork of missing and unsecured tiles in your bathroom. The last thing you want to do is install a new piece of tile work that will only last a couple of months!

Plan the Design

Before you start working, plan out your design. Measure the area as accurately as possible. This will save you trouble when cutting tiles down to size and should help you get the most accurate fit with your tile work. Once you have your area measured, you’ll want to create a grid to keep you on track as you lay the tile. Use chalk to draw lines across the surface so you’ll have a simple point of reference throughout the entire installation.

Work Slowly

No matter how tempted you may be to finish the project quickly, be sure you take your time to do the job right. Take the time to space out your tiles evenly. A tile spacer will help you keep the same space between the tiles throughout your entire project. Also, be sure to apply enough adhesive to the surface and keep the adhesive rough. Resist the temptation to smooth the tile adhesive before you lay the tile. While it may seem fundamentally wrong, you actually want ridges in the adhesive. Leaving rough ridges in the adhesive will make it easier for you to level out the tile simply by pressing down on the surface.

No matter how large or small your project is, Rockstar Diamond has all the stone cutting tools you need. Take a look at our selection of diamond saw blades today and be prepared to tackle the most extensive tile work projects in your home.