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5 Tips That Make Cutting Marble Easier

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Whether it's your first time cutting a piece of marble or you've been doing it for twenty years, it's always good to brush up on your marble-cutting tips. Even seasoned professionals can learn something new about marble cutting when they share tips with their fellow marble cutters. Our team has put together a few of our favorite tips to help make your marble cutting experience easier and provide you with better final results. 

Use These Tips When Cutting Marble

Take your time during each step.

This is really the key to getting the perfect cut and a better finished result on your marble. Don't rush through any part of the process, whether you are measuring the marble, taping it off, or cutting it. You are far less likely to make a mistake or crack your marble if you go slow and take your time. Marble will last forever, so there is no reason to rush through the process.

Cut your marble on top of softer, non-abrasive surface.

When you are moving your marble piece along a saw table or other surface, make sure you pad your marble. This will do two things for you; first, it will help you move the marble more easily. Secondly, it will prevent the marble from being scratched or damaged when you move it.

Let the diamond saw blades do the work for you. 

Diamond saw blades are made to cut hard surfaces like marble, so let them do the work for you. Don't force down the saw or hurry through your cut. That can greatly increase the potential of cracking your marble, ruining an expensive and beautiful piece of marble in the process. Simply start your saw and place the diamond saw blades down where you need to cut and let it do the work for you.

Don't sand your marble with anything too coarse.

Marble is a tough material, but you still want to treat it with love. That means not sanding it anything that's too coarse that might scratch the surface. If you do scratch it, in most cases you can buff out the marks and restore the surface, but it's better not to scratch it in the first place. 

Always take proper precautions.

Marble is heavy and cutting it can be dangerous. If you take the proper precautions, though, you can greatly reduce your chances of injury or accident. Be sure that you wear the right eye protection, no loose clothing, and proper foot protection to prevent accidents from dropping pieces of marble. 

One Final Tip

All of these are great tips to help make cutting marble a little easier, but if we had to give only one tip to our customers, it would be this: make sure you have high-quality tools. Using the right tools is going to make every step of your project easier and more enjoyable. You can pick up new tools made specifically for cutting marble in our online store, including diamond saw blades, shaping tools, polishing tools and more. Get everything you need from Rockstar Diamond today.