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Common Questions About Marble Floors

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At Rockstar Diamond, we’ve helped thousands of people find the right stone polishing tools for their project. Whether you’re refinishing a kitchen counter or resealing the marble entryway at your home, we have the perfect stone polishing pads for your needs. We’re experts and can explain to you precisely how to use each tool, but we’re also familiar with the proper care and maintenance of common stone materials used in home renovation projects. Our dedicated team is on hand to answer your questions, but here are a few of the more common queries we’ve seen over the years.

Should I use rugs on my marble floor?

Rugs and runners are a great way to reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do on your marble floors. However, not all rugs are created equally. Some have a rough plastic backing that can scratch the polish on your marble. You’ll still be able to use these rugs, but you’ll want to use a separate rug pad underneath. For best results, use a non-slip rug pad so you’ll never have to worry about the rug slipping underneath your feet.

Can I fix scratches myself?

We know that working on stone floors can seem like a daunting task to the average DIYer, but it is easily possible. With the right stone polishing tools from Rockstar Diamond, you’ll be able to buff out those scratches with ease. If you’ve never worked with a polishing tool, contact our experts. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for tutorials and we’ll help you select the perfect pad for the job.

How do I get rid of water spots on my marble floor?

Marble is an incredibly durable material, but its polish can dull over time. What you see as a watermark might be nothing more than a scratch on the floor’s polish. However, if you have marble floors in your kitchen, it’s likely that these spots are caused by vinegar or other acidic foods. Marble is sensitive to acid and when vinegar or lemon juice is splashed on its surface, the acid sparks a chemical reaction. The calcium in the marble slowly dissolves under the acid, leaving the appearance of spots or watermarks. To get rid of these spots, you’ll want to treat them as you would a scratch. Polish the area with one of Rockstar Diamond’s diamond polishing pads. If you’re not sure which pad to use, contact us.

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